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Use of the Natural Sea Sponges

Sea Sponge: Using a Natural Sponge in your Hygiene Routine

Fine Silk for Cosmetic Usage

Easy to Apply

Makeup Application

Easy to Apply

Face Cleansing

Easy to Apply

Soft Exfoliation

Easy to Apply

Wool Soft Sea Sponges for Babies

Easy to Apply

Natural Mediterranean Sea Sponges Wholesale

Natural sea sponge uses are many and varied. They are routinely used for many different types of jobs including baby care, bathing, cosmetic application and removal, wall washing, general cleaning, wallpaper application, hand washing delicate fine china, crystal and silver. Natural sponges are used by car, boat and aircraft enthusiasts to safely wash vehicle finishes, interiors and clean wheels and tires.

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Increase the pleasure and quality of bathing

All Sizes are on Sale

Lengths from
6cm (2.75 inches) to 40-45 cm (15-16 inches ) are available and can be prepared in any size you wish. Specify which size you want to buy, three different sizes have been prepared for you or

or choose your own size and let us know

 Sample 3 Size Below

Production of Sea Sponge in Custom Sizes of Your Choice

If you want to order a size other than these sizes, please contact us, the desired sizes will be prepared within a certain period of time.

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Fantastic Opportunity! Enjoy a 10% discount on wholesale purchases of Natural Mediterranean Sea Sponges. We also offer production in custom sizes of your choice. Contact us now at +90 0532 706 56 73 and discover the highest quality sea sponges. For detailed information, please don’t hesitate to email us at Don’t miss out on these deals!

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